I code, therefore I am

Christian Ricotti
Full-Stack (PHP) Developer

My Projects

Almost 5 years ago I started playing one online game Final Fantasy XIV Online.
Besides an hobby, it became straight away a way to enjoy new coding experiences,
customizing and adding extra features in the game and creating an iOS & Android Mobile application.
You can find below few features and mods that I created.

Final Fantasy XIV Online - Overlay Project

Extra Overlay Translations, iOS and Android Notifications, Messages & more more more...

Let me try to explain the reason why my project was born.
Since nearly 80% of the players are Japanese, I have the necessity to comunicate in this language in real time, but I don't speak Japanese!

Therefore: I created something to solve this situation,
in other words, I created an overlay connected directly into the memory game.

In the screenshot (1), you can see the normal view of the players.

In the screenshots (2 & 3), you can see my custom view with overlays.

I can type in english (2.1 & 2.3) and my application converts / translates my text from English to Japanese directly into the game.
Also, no matter if the text comes from me or other players, I can see the English translation (2.2) from everything written in Japanese.

My project is growing day after day with more extra functionalities, sometimes just very small mods, but still very useful to me.
For example this small overlay (2.4) with different time zone (LT = Local Time, JP = Tokyo, IT = Italy).

I have also created a mobile application (iOS and Android) to receive in real time any kind of Mobile Notification that I want or need.

  • Mobile On / Off (3.1) when the Notifications are enabled / disabled.
  • Duty Ready Alert (3.2) when all the players are ready to play.
  • Mobile Alert Notification (3.3 & 3.4) in real time, when the Duty is ready.
  • Mobile Chat Notification (3.5) in real time, from in game friends.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Online - Textures & Models Mods

    Custom textures and model for the game Final Fantasy XIV.

    To be honest I didn't like the kind of blue the game designer used for "Bohemian's Coat" tshirt in the game.

    I love this "coat style", but my eyes couldn't see it with that tshirt color and I wanted to change few things.

    • I found the tool to customize the Textures & Models in the game.
    • I extracted the right 3D textures.
    • I opened the 3D textures with the proper designer tool and the right plugin.
    • I made my customization (2 versions).
    • I imported in the game my new textures.
    • Have fun!