I code, therefore I am

Christian Ricotti
Full-Stack (PHP) Developer

Interests & Hobbies

Live and breathe coding

  • I spend most of my spare time writing code and working on my own projects
  • Highly motivated with creating plugins in C# for online games or Mobile applications
  • I developed “cricotti.com” which is not only my online resume, but it is also a view on my job and where I describe the beginning of the passion for web world
  • In my country I follow and organized PUG and technical conferences, for example: PHPDay, Zend Framework Day, Symfony Day, PHPtoStart


  • Gym, bicycle and tracking are my favourites activities in my spare “healthy” time
  • Ski it’s one of my favourite winter sport (also in Australia)
  • Indoor Soccer (especially with friends and collegues)


  • Professional gamer (and developer) of Final Fantasy XIV Online
  • For more informations regarding My Projects