I code, therefore I am

Christian Ricotti
Full-Stack (PHP) Developer


AshleyMadison.com @ RubyLife (Canada)

M. Lisotti - Program Manager
Christian worked in my team at ruby life as a senior php developer during 2018. Throughout his employment he proved himself to be very reliable with solid problem solving technical skills. Christian is a great team player and he would be an asset to any organization.

E. Dambasuren - Senior PHP Developer
I had a pleasure to work with Christian at Ruby. There are people who are good at what they do and there are others who are exceptional. Christian is one of the later ones. He is knowledgeable, have the ability to think, eager to learn and diligent. Any place to hire Christian will be in the gain.

D. Cha - Senior PHP Developer
Working together with Christian on the same team was a privilege. When I first started out there was a lot to learn, whether it involved environmental setup or convoluted code strategy, Christian was always there to walk me through things. His upbeat and positive attitude always made work more fun. He was also very precise with his coding style which made you want to strive to achieve better, cleaner, faster, more concise code.

eSolution @ Deakin University (Australia)

S. White - Digital Solutions Manager
Christian is a passionate high performer. He works quickly and delivers very high quality outputs. He also uses his intuition and deep understanding of what is really needed to come up with innovative and important solutions to problems that have not even been articulated. On top of this Christian is a quality person who works well within a high performing team. If Christian's skill set matches your requirements you need to talk to him.

F. Alavi - Software Solution Architect
I have worked with Chris within the past one year. I feel that Chris is highly qualified as a Senior PHP Engineer, Software Engineer, Mobile API Developer, Software Solution Architect, and a potential Team Lead for several reasons. Chris is an important contributor to many of the projects we have worked on. Chris consistently delivers high quality work products, meets the exceeds deadlines, and assists his co-workers at every opportunity. When we are under an especially strict timeline, Chris works a lot of overtime to ensure the deadline will be met. Chris is a big game changer as part of our team at Deakin University.

P. Arias - Project Management
Christian is a highly skilled web applications developer who has produced a number of high quality business web applications on my projects. Christian has demonstrated a variety of technical skills including both front-end (PHP development) and back-end database and Linux OS skills. Christian's key strength is his ability to develop in an Agile manner to demonstrate key features to the Product owner which drastically reduces development time and effort. I have no hesitation in recommending Christian as he has consistently delivered high quality work products.

B. Tehan - IT Manager
Christian has been contracted to Deakin University as a PHP and frontend developer working on a group for Teaching and Learning based projects. As a web developer he has a great understanding of all aspects of his job and the languages he deals with. I fully recommend his skillset on any of the following, PHP, Zend Frameworks 1 and 2, OOP, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, Source control, SVN, Git, Composer, Continuous Integration. He is one of the best web interface designer/developers I have seen. I would recommend him for any web development role.

F. Tjong - Business Analyst & Scrum Master
Christian is a very highly motivated, creative, and efficient web developer. He is self-organised and a great team player who never hesitate to help and work collaboratively with the other team members. Always have the confidence in him to produce a high quality application. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any suitable position.

M. Sugrue - Business Analyst
Christian worked as PHP developer for our online learning integration projects at Deakin, creating clear and logical interface solutions despite technical constraints in our vendor software APIs. As Business Analyst for the Project, I saw new and changing requirements quickly accommodated by Christian, who was able to adapt his code without losing clarity. Christian proved a great asset to the team in a high pressure, agile environment.

Facile.it S.p.A (Italy)

S. Campigli - IT Manager
It has been a pleasure working with Christian, who is a trusted and reliable professional, always focused on finding quick and smart solutions to every possible business requests. He's a really kind and nice person and a great team player... you can always count on him!

M. Giorgi - Marketing Manager
Christian is one of the best developer I had the pleasure to work with. He has a great passion for digital environment and new technologies and he is always very professional, helpful and willing to find the best solution to every IT challange.

V. Verin - Web Marketing Manager
Christian has distinctive skills in working in a dynamic and fast moving enviroment. He has skill in organising work to meet deadlines. He is always proactive and careful to listen to the "unworkable" requests and needs of the marketing office. Thank you for bearing with us :)

A. Polo - Communication Director
Christian is one of the most talented developer I ever met in my long Internet career. He's not only incredibly skilled, but also a real team player and it's always a great pleasure working with him. I strongly recommend him for senior level positions.

L. Giuliodori - Contact Center & Operations Manager
It's a pleasure to work together with Christian, who is an efficient developer. Christian is a creative, wise, intelligent and organized employee who can be trusted. His technical education and leadership makes Christian to view solutions instead of problems.

G. Toninelli - Web Content Specialist
Christian is a highly skilled developer who cares about people as much as he cares about code. You'll love working with him.

M. Chirico - Senior PHP/MySQL Software Developer
Christian is a genial professionist, always engaged in new web project. With his experience, is able to resolve any problem in very short time!

M. Citterio - Web Engineer
It was a pleasure to work with Christian because he has always a big smile for you. His work is precise, he writes clean and reliable code. He\'s able to learn quickly new technologies and to use them in the best way.

In addition to Facile.it S.p.A (Italy)

E. Zimuel - Senior Software Engineer
Christian is a good PHP developer with years of experience in heterogeneous web projects. He is also a guru of Joomla with the development of modules and customizations. He is very professional and it\'s always a pleasure to work with him.

G. Mattera - CEO, Architect Programmer, System Integrator
Christian is a good analyst / programmer. Ability to work in team and timely delivery. Excellent ability to report.

R. Salvatori - Senior Web Programmer / Analyst Programmer
Christian is a good php programmer and web graphics. He has great technical skills and work organization, a great colleague to work with and share experiences on the job.

A. Bicego - Senior Software Engineer
He\'s an highly skilled designer and web programmer. A lighthouse on new technologies. He develops amazing web sites recalling thousands of users.

M. Baviera - Marketing and Sales Support
I worked with Christian since 2005. He is a great professionist and has a good knowledge regarding web and design aspect. Furthermore he is able to solve any problem in a very short time with a great level of satisfaction.